all of us today have become extremely conscious about the way we look and the way we represent ourselves. It’s a selfie driven generation as we all know and one of the most important thing when statics is concerned is your smile.

  1. optimal smile- it is the smile which is called as picture perfect smile it’s the best smile you can achieve with your currently existence teeth its the smile which is an harmony with your gums, your lips and your teeth. this is the one you use for  your picture and in your social setups, this is  what i termed  the professional smile it is a smile without teeth or a formal one be warn this is the smile most mistaken for a fake smile and where you can use it work interviews, meeting someone for the first time, basically any formal situation.
  2. Spout- spout its the most funniest smile and this is what happens when you are just a hint of a smile in the pout to get spout, this is your selfie smile, your social media smile your smile with the girls.
  3.  straight lips smile- it is the tight lips smile , this is your smile when you can’t use words and usually used to communicate disappointment like when the boss doesn’t approve your leave or when you significant lets you down again.

your smile is a powerful body language skill that displays your moods and personality. it conveys a lot more than one would expect and can affect your social life, work life and even your romantic life.

  • Brush teeth twice a day for 3 minutes
  • use soft bristled toothbrush
  • after 5-6 months you should change your toothbrush


many people only do the back and forth motion, you wanna do in a circular motion to make sure

you are cleaning even on your gums after you brush you wanna use a flicking motion.Also, with your front teeth you wanna angle your toothbrush a little bit differently inserted vertically as same circular motion and make sure u get all of the surfaces on the inside.


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