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Fashion designing- fashion nowadays has become one of the most famous and popular part in the modern world.

even there is a hell lot of demand for this field, any student in any stream weather its arts, science or commerce student can apply for fashion designing just need to have a 50% marks in 12th.

you have given an entrance exam of NID(NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN) and NIFT(NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY) and for the admission to various courses related to fashion.

The duration period is about 4 years which is divided in 2 years for fashion designing and 2 years for communication.

SALARY FOR THIS PROFESSION-for beginner it will be around 10k-18k and for experienced it will be 40k-60k rupees per month.

AIRLINE PILOT- this is one of the most highest paying jobs and one of the coolest places to work. Those who have taken science can go for the pilot profession after 12th.

you must have about 45-50% marks but it doesn’t matter really one thing for  sure you have to clear the aptitude test in order to gets selected in the training program and even you have to give certain medical test as you have to be medically fit.

The duration period to complete this course is approximately 18-24 months and the only worst thing about this course is that it is very costly.

It will cost you around 20-25 lakhs to complete it, but it doesn’t matter as after you get the licence you will earn way more than  what you have invested. For fresher you will earn between 5-12 lakh per year.

MERCHANT NAVY-It is one of the famous jobs to work especially for those who love travelling.

It is a type of profession where you have to work or provide commercial services like carrying or deliver goods from one place to another or take care of goods and ships etc.

So, the eligibility to apply for this course you must first complete your 12th with science stream and then you have to give 3 entrance exam.

  1. Screening test
  2. written test
  3. medical test interview test

SALARY-The salary varies from place to place and city to city and company to company.

For starter or junior the salary ranges from 30k-35k per month and for the head level like captain the salary range up to 2lakh per month.

JOURNALISM-Journalism is the most demanded and trending profession.

In simple term journalism is all about collecting information through specific and general audience  with the help of  newspaper, videos that is news channel and magazine etc.

There are many big news channel who provide jobs to this department  or courses like NDTV , ZEE TV, VIACOM, etc.

so, after passing 12th by any stream with 55%range you can apply for journalism courses.

the entrance exam may or may not be required bachelor and journalism mass media is one of the best degree courses we recommend. which duration period is about 3 years.

SALARY-for starter or fresher is around 5-10k per month and for experienced level you will get around 15-25k per month and for the expert level you will be pay around 50k-1 lakh per month depending on your skills, reputation and status.

ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGNING-Demand for an interior designer is huge for building, flat, interior design to personal room, renovation and it is gaining a huge popularity in the world especially in India .

To pursue this course you must have pass with science stream or any stream but science is better with a good percentage of 60-65%. but that is not matter here things that matter here is getting a good score in the entrance exam and interview.

The duration period to complete this course is 5 years and the fees or the cost will be around 1-2 lakh in a government institute and 2-3.5 lakhs in a private institute.

After you completed this course you can earn around 35-50k per month for fresher and 60k-1 lakh per month for experienced.



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