10 tips to become a fashion icon


Here are some of the tips that will help you to look fabulous in daily life and become a fashion queen among your ordinary friend circle. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear revealing clothes, its just you should wear something that suits you and makes you an unique but special brand.

  1. Be confident

     This is something you need for sure to become a fashion queen because whatever you wore you should feel comfortable in it only then you will fell confident about it. This is something we need to keep in our mind because if you wear something in which you are not comfortable then it will affect your confidence badly. If you are not comfortable in short clothes than you should wear something which is not too revealing  but fits on your body and a little unique colors.

     2. According to occasion

Another most important thing is you should wear dresses according to the occasion. Being a fashion icon doesn’t mean that you have wore something unique Everytime it’s just you need to dress up simply and on account of that you should wear something which is  different from others but still simple not too fansy or too old fashion. Like when you go to a religious place you will wear something which is not too revealing instead of that you wear traditional clothes with a little new style.


An extraordinary thing which will change the way you look. Color of your outfit matters a lot and on the top of that color  combination is most important this is a pro tip if you are wearing a vibrant outfit than you should wear less accessories and simple footwear and your outfit is of some light colors than you should wear more accessories and unique but light footwear. You should choose those colors which suits you and you will surely look beautiful in it.

4. Accessories

Without any accessories you might look prosaic and because of that you will never become the centre of attraction. Somewhere accessories are a part of an outfit which will make you look more classy and attractive. Wearing little rings or just a neckpiece can change your overall look and small small things makes a big difference in your personality but keep thin on your mind that don’t over accessories yourself.

5. Picture perfect

Something which is must to become a fashion icon is pictures. Good picture are something we all want but we are unable to take it, for a nice picture the main thing is your background try to choose an attractive background because it makes your picture super cool for a nice you don’t need any makeup and all just an amazing outfit and a nice prop like flowers or something but remember one thing the prop you are using have to match with the background this will make your picture look elegant. This will definitely gonna help you to become a fashion icon.

6. Trend

Being updated about fashion will make you look unique from other. Try to wear the outfit which is on trend, wearing something outdated will vanished everything try to be updated about fashion and all that stuff. Trend is something which changes with time if you want to become a fashion icon than you too have to change your outfit with it. Being trendy doesn’t mean that you have to wear short cloths it truly means that wearing something new and unique which looks good on you.


       Most of the didn’t realize that it is equally important as your outfit image wearing a saree with boots that does not make any sense. If you wanted to become a fashion icon than you have to select your footwear according to your outfit but most of the people didn’t understand this. This can change your whole look it can make you elegant and also can make you look a fool or an ordinary person but if you wanted to be on the top choose your footwear smartly. Girls should have different

      8. Hairs 

Hairstyle plays an important role in improving your looks. This can ultimately change your whole look and make you look more beautiful if you choose it rightly. Haircut is equally important and even right haircut can enhance your looks instantly and for a long term even coloring your hairs is also a good idea but for this you have to be very careful because this is for a long term and a little costly so for this tip you should think carefully. Even straightening your hairs will give you a really elegant look this will eventually builds confidence in you also because when you look good you feel confident. So this tip is very important and must to become a fashion icon.

9. Body language

To be a fashion icon you need to look attractive and for that you should have a great body language because it will make you look confident and your first impression becomes the best and that person wants to meet to again and will definitely get  impressed by your style. For a good body posture you don’t need to work very hard you just need to sit and walk properly and eat healthy food which also will improve your lifestyle this is the first step to live quality life.

10. Morals and ethics

Suppose you have a great personality and great fashion sense, great vocabulary and you have lot of confidence I just mean you are perfect in all external aspects but don’t respect your elders and don’t know how to treat other people and your ethical and moral values are zero than no matter how good you look no one is going to respect you, love you, want to meet and follow you that means you can’t be an idol for anyone. So, be kind with everyone, respect your elders, love animals and appreciate nature. If you have these qualities in you than you will surely becomes an icon for everyone and for yourself too.


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