How to make people like you easily


It’s obvious that everyone wants to be loved…..

You don’t need to change yourself for this the thing you need to do is be your best version and make them feel that you truly are a person who deserves the love.

Smile is something in which you look gorgeous whenever you wore it..

  • Smile

This is a magical thing that anyone can do easily.. whenever you meet the person you like or love you should smile because it spreads positivity around you and everyone like positive people and that person will also feel good whenever he/she is around you

Loving yourself is the thing we all need to do….

  • Self love

Firstly you need to love yourself then only anyone else can like you. You need to understand that you are an important person and your life is more important than anything else once you realise this thing than surely the person you wanted to like you will surely do so.

Your way of talking defines who you actually are…

  • Communication skills

This really doesn’t mean that you need confidence and power that truly is not good communication skill. It simply means that try to match with the tone of a person you like and wanted them to like you too. If they are talking slowly try to go with that flow only try not to be fast because if you do that they will feel disconnected. Try to match your flow with them and this will definitely gonna help you a lot.

A mind with positivity is easy to love and best to explore.

  • Positive vibes

Always try to think positive because this is something you can not pretend. If you feel that the person you like will feel good and positive around you than you need to think positively in every situation because if something bad is going on your mind than definitely the other person will get affected by it. Even if there mood isn’t good and you will talk good stuff then you can fix there’s mood too. Try not to be problematic person instead of that try to be a person with solution and for that your mindset need to be clear and positive.

Give what you want


  • Appreciation

Somewhere we all need to be appreciated for whatever good things we do in our life but most of the time people don’t even notice those things which somewhere hurt us even we didn’t show but it does. try to notice even small things about that person and appreciate them for that it will make them feel good but be careful don’t do it just because it is written over here do it with your heart whenever you feel like it’s important.

Before pointing others just take a look at yourself…

  • Don’t be judgemental

Nobody likes the people who judge others for anything. Try to  be open minded and modern. Your looks does not matter when you are a person who sees good in everything. When you started judging others then the person you like will also Got to know that you a judgemental type of person and then he/ she will try to cut off with you. So be kind and broad minded.

It’s the process of continuous give and take….

  • Learn and share

Most importantly don’t try to act like a knowledgeable person try to be person who loves to learn and listen. Then the person you like will definitely like you if you learn something from them and share your knowledge and thoughts with them. Be a person who share there thoughts rather than a person who impose there thoughts on others.


These are the tips which will help you in every ways and make the person like you for who you actually are…


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